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Dont miss out upcoming GA²LEN Allergy School in Sitges, Spain 18th - 19th October 2024


This FREE GA²LEN ANACARE series of webinars (Live and on-demand) at https://ga2lenwebinar.online will be held regularly during the year, to fill the unmet needs of health care providers. The GA²LEN ANACARE faculty included in these webinars are key opinion leaders in the field of anaphylaxis and related subtopics pertaining to this complex and widespread disease. The needs assessment included in this program supports participants to fill the gaps and their knowledge regarding patients at risk of anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis is a complex disease which requires all aspects of its burden to be understood. Not only the physical burden but also the one related to sociological well-being, mental well-being, and self-medication need appropriate evaluation.

The GA²LEN ANACARE series of webinars (Live and on-demand) will be held regularly during the year, to fill the unmet needs of health care providers. The first series will be devoted to Anaphylaxis.

The ANACARE webinars are provided to reach out to colleagues on a global level, facilitating attendance despite the time zone differences.

Schedule:  90 mins, every 15 days, each Wednesday starting from April 21st at 9.00 am -10.30 am Central Europe time and replicated at 5.00 pm -6.30 pm Central Europe time.

Browse all 10 webinars in this exciting and informative series and have a look through the ANACARE Webinar program.

For each webinar a learning objective will be set out and met, including an evaluation performed at the end of each webinar.

An interactive learning discussion with Q&A will be supported, where health care providers can discuss and secure the knowledge that they have gained during this educational online event. Participants are encouraged to ask the faculty questions and participate actively in this online discussion in order to fortify their knowledge. This can then be put into immediate effect within their own daily practice. Participants will receive an electronic learning pack with which they can refresh their newly gained knowledge.

We look forward to welcome you at the Training Course and share with you this exciting journey inside anaphylaxis.

Torsten Zuberbier, Antonella Muraro, Margitta Worm and Carsten Bindslev -Jensen

The GA²LEN President & ANACARE Steering Committee